Introduction – My Local and Online Chemistry Tutoring, and My New Website

Welcome to Organic Chemistry Solutions. My name is Matt Pierce. Teaching chemistry has been a passion of mine for the past six years. I have an M.S. in computational organic chemistry from Oregon State University and I’m an alumnus of UMass Amherst. I’m a published author with over five years of teaching and tutoring experience. I started this website as place to collect helpful information about learning organic chemistry, as well as to advertise my services as a college and high school level organic and general chemistry tutor. I can also provide tutoring for test preparation (MCAT, AP test, etc) and graduate level organic chemistry.

I tutor locally in Western/Central Massachusetts as well as Northwest Connecticut. I am also an online organic and general chemistry tutor. I’m well equipped to help students all over the world learn chemistry. I use skype with a webcam as well as screen share.

I’m an expert at breaking chemistry down into fundamental principles so that students can spend less time memorizing and more time understanding. I’ve accumulated various tips and tricks over the years that make tricky subjects like stoichiometry, stereochemistry, mechanism, synthesis and spectroscopy more manageable. My goal is to give my students the tools they need to understand  chemistry.

I take an interest in my students and want them to succeed. For regular students I make myself available for quick questions via email or text, especially helpful the night before a big test. I can also help with study skills and advice for studying “smarter” as opposed to harder.

I am experienced with test preparation, as well. I am most familiar with the MCAT, advanced placement (AP) high school chemistry test and the PCAT. Several years ago I took the PCAT and scored in the 98th percentile. I have also reviewed hundreds of MCAT organic and general chemistry questions, so I have a good idea of what the chemistry section of the test is like.  I own a recent copy of the Princeton AP test review book that I can help you work through. My content knowledge is also more than sufficient to be a valuable guide for other chemistry tests such as the ACS tests, chemistry GRE etc.

My rates are:

 Organic chemistry (Including graduate level):  $40/hour, $45/hour for weekends

Test Preparation (MCAT, PCAT, DAT, AP Test, Chemistry SAT, ACS Tests, Chemistry GRE, etc .): $40/hour, $45/hour for weekends

 College level General chemistry: $40/hour, $45/hour for weekends

High school chemistry, all subjects: $40/hour, $45/hour for weekends

Cancelation policy: I require  48 hours notice for cancelations for a half refund and 24 hours notice for any refund.  For example for a one hour session the fee would be $20 for a half refund or $40 for no refund. When you make an appointment I reserve that time for you and I often have to turn down other students. 

Possible additional charges for travel expenses, but no charge for travel to the UMass, Amherst campus.

I offer group discounts, also. I have limited weekend availability and charge $45/hour on the weekends. Please email any inquiries to