I’ve helped countless students over the years. Here are some nice things some of my students have written about me:

An online student from this summer, 2016: Hey Matt! I just wanted to let you know I got my final grade back for organic chemistry and I got an A! Thank you so much for all your help this summer. I seriously would not have been able to get through it without your help!

A UMass student I helped regularly with an accelerated summer organic class: Matt is a fantastic tutor. I knew right away he knew organic chemistry like the back of his hand when we had our first session. He is patient and makes sure you understand the basics before trying to learn the course.

One of my current students from UMass, Amherst: Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for orgo and orgo 2. He doesn’t just skim topics. He actually helps you learn concepts and ways to apply it to your exams.

A student I helped recently with his MCAT studying: I went to Matt looking to review and re-learn general and organic chemistry for my medical school MCAT exam. Matt did a spectacular job, giving me clear understanding of material I had not seen in years. He was very adaptable to using several different books, and was extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend Matt for both organic and general chemistry.

A student at Oregon State University where I was a general chemistry teaching assistant: Matt Pierce was a very good TA for chemistry 122. He explained things very well, was very interested in his students learning, and very willing to explain things in different ways. He definitely knew what he was talking about.

A student from Central MA who I helped with Organic II: In the past I have had several chemistry tutors but none have helped me as much as Matthew did. He knew all the material on the spot and taught the way a teacher would. He broke down the problems into a manageable way therefore understanding the concept was enjoyable and not strictly memorization. Instead of talking and writing the duration of the meeting, Matthew would have me do the problems and guide me through them! This allowed me to learn and gain the confidence to do them myself, much like any test would be. This prepared me a huge deal and the turnaround of my test grades reflected that! I would recommend him to students trying to master general and organic chemistry.

A recent MCAT student:  Matthew’s a great tutor and helped out a lot. I recommend for others to work with him. He’s easy to get a hold of by phone. Whenever I had a question, he was eager to help me out, even outside of the session. He’s an easygoing guy and knows the material very well.

A Smith College student: Matt is very patient and explains the concepts very well. Great tutor!! The best at working with your time to accommodate the student.

Another student from Oregon State University where I TAed for gen chem: I really learned a lot from Matt. He was a great teacher and made things a lot clearer to me.